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higher professional training course management of sports and leisure units iscia 2022 2023

English Course

Higher Professional Training Course

Management of Sports and Leisure Units

António Carapinheira


A Higher Professional Training Course (CTeSP) is a cycle of higher education studies with 120 ECTS and 2 academic years, consisting of a set of curricular units organized into components of general and scientific training, technical training and training in a work context, which takes place through an internship.
A CTeSP confers a diploma of higher professional technician at level 5 of the National Qualifications Framework in the areas of training it provides.
Holders of a higher professional technician diploma can access and enter the bachelor’s degree and integrated master’s study cycles through a special competition designed for them, acquiring the respective academic degree.


This course aims to allow future professionals to plan, organize, manage and control all the activities of the organization, with autonomy and a creative spirit, maximizing available resources, creating solutions that ensure an intelligent, inclusive and sustainable growth of the organization, also ensuring satisfaction internal and external customers.

Requirements for accessing a CTeSP

:: Holders of a secondary education course or legally equivalent qualification;

When the area of secondary education is not relevant to the course, the candidate   takes a knowledge assessment test.

:: Holders of a technological specialization diploma, a higher professional training diploma or a higher education degree may also apply for access to higher professional training courses.

Application Documents

  1. Application Form
  2. Documents proving the qualification with which you are applying (if you hold foreign educational qualifications, you can apply for equivalency in public secondary education school or send a request to “Direção Geral de Educação” (DGE)


  1. Declaration of Honor (Foreign citizens)
  2. Curriculum vitae
  3. Photography
  4. Identification Statement

Application deadlines

According to the notice available on the website


Equivalence of qualifications from foreign educational systems with qualifications from the Portuguese educational system for access to a CTeSP

Portuguese and foreign citizens who prove that they hold foreign educational qualifications may apply for equivalence in public secondary education schools, or in private and cooperative educational schools endowed with pedagogical autonomy for the level of education at which equivalence is requested, at any time of the year, and there is no deadline for the effect.

Citizens who do not reside in Portugal should send their request to:

Direção-Geral da Educação
Av. 24 de Julho, 140
1399-025 Lisboa – Portugal



Documents to request the equivalence of qualifications

  1. Application



  1. Official documents proving successful school qualifications (eg certificate and/or diploma, transcript), legalized/authenticated by:
  2. a) embassies or consular services of Portugal in the foreign country; or
  3. b) embassies or consular services of foreign countries in Portugal, or with
  4. c) the Hague Apostille, for countries that adhered to the Hague Convention, of October 5th, 1961, ratified by Decree-Law No. 48450, published in the Government Gazette, 1st series, No. 148, of June 24th, 1968;
  5. Official translation, into Portuguese, of documents written in a foreign language.

Documents proving educational qualifications must contain:

  1. a) Indication of the schoolar year(s) successfully completed;
  2. b) The cycle of studies or course successfully completed;
  3. c) The respective final classifications or final average obtained;
  4. d) Classification scale(s), including the minimum classification for approval; in the case of a qualitative scale (eg letters and/or concepts) its numerical correspondence must be presented.

Documents written in a foreign language must be translated into Portuguese (official translation), after their legalization by the competent consular authorities or through the Hague Apostille.

Documents are legalized/authenticated, as the case may be, in:

  1. a) embassies or consular services of Portugal in the foreign country; or
  2. b) embassies or consular services of foreign countries in Portugal; or
  3. c) in the country of origin, with regard to the Hague Apostille.

In the case of countries where there is no Portuguese diplomatic representation or that have not adhered to the Hague Convention Apostille, the legalization/authentication must be carried out by the official entity of the country of origin competent for this purpose (eg: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice).

You can clarify your doubts through the FAQ – Equivalence of Foreign Qualifications a:




On the SEF – Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service, it is explained what types of visas exist and what documentation is required to obtain them.

The documents required are as follows:
– Passport
– 3 photos – passport type
– Criminal Record
– Proof of residence in Portugal
(to be provided by ISCIA)
– Proof of means of subsistence in Portugal
– Letter of acceptance from ISCIA
– Vaccine Bulletin
– Certificate of Qualifications



Professional Opportunities

Graduates of this course will be able to integrate technical and management departments in the area of sports and leisure clubs, companies, sports federations and associations, and sports services in the public administration.
This course aims to allow future professionals to plan, organize, manage and control all the activities of the organization, with autonomy and creative spirit, maximizing available resources, creating solutions that guarantee a smart, inclusive and sustainable growth of the organization, ensuring also the satisfaction of internal and external customers.


:: Manage a business or a sportive organization
:: Manage the human resources assigned to the company or organization, ensuring their suitability, functioning and training
:: Manage the information systems and online management channels, promotion and marketing of the organization’s sports products, as well        as registrations for its initiatives or activities
:: Participate in certification processes in the organization
:: Develop communication plans
:: Design and implement marketing plans and sponsorship proposals
:: Analyze and evaluate the results obtained by the company or organization
:: Define, implement and monitor the financial strategy of the company or organization for different customer/product/service profiles
:: Manage the sports facilities allocated to the company or organization
:: Design and manage innovative, sustainable, accessible and inclusive activities that respect quality and safety standards and the principles of ethics and deontology

Curricular Plan

1st YEAR
:: Accessibility and Inclusion
:: Data Analysis
:: Sports and Leisure Activities
:: Communication and Corporate Image
:: Entrepreneurship and Innovation
:: Ethics and Deontology
:: Social Phenomenon of Sport and Leisure
:: English
:: Introduction to Economics and Management
:: Leadership and Human Resource Management
:: Accounting Basics
:: Sports Organization and Legislation
:: Psychosociology and Management of Organizations
:: Oral and Written Expression Techniques
:: Technologies and Information System

2st YEAR 

:: Financing and Sponsorship in Sport and Leisure
:: Marketing Fundamentals
:: Sports Facilities Management
:: Planning and Management of Sport Events
:: Quality and Certification
:: Seminars
:: Product and Service Sales Techniques
:: Internship


4 semesters

Teaching Language



From Monday to Friday:
working regime/after work
The opening of the course in each of the regimes will depend on the number of candidates for each one.

1st phase – until July 28th
2nd phase – until September 10th
3rd phase – to be defined

Application: 100 € (for national or international students)
Annual Enrollment: 295 €  (for national or international students)
Tuition Fees: €2.500,00 Annual (for national or international students)
For more information please contact us:


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